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Bird wood night multifunctional table lamp

Bird wood night multifunctional table lamp

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Incorporate unique design into modern technology, with Touch sensing, human body inductionSpace light source induction multifunctional table lamp, add a fun to your space~


Birdwood night light function:

1. Hanging/storing things to make good use of space

Place mobile phones and accessories on the floor of the desk lampheadsetWallet... 

 Can alsoHanging onEasy to extract when needed 


2. The magnetic assembly can change the purpose at will

You can connect the bird lamp to the wooden strip, and it can beBird lightsCharging, it can be fully charged in 30 minutes   

Equipped with magnetic wall mount and strong 3M glue, which can be attached to the wall or object

miss youbirdWhere does the light illuminate? It's up to you~


3. Human body induction / space light source induction, automatic switch mode to save power

Human body induction: The bird light will automatically turn on when the human body passes by, illuminating the night walking route, and will automatically turn off after leavinglight

Space light source sensing : It will automatically turn off the lights during the day and in a well-lit environment to save power


4. Tap to open a specific object

 Tap the egglightThe surface can turn on/off the light

 Tap the bird lightbottomCan turn on the light/turn off the light

Full of fun~


✓ Free return and exchange within 14 days (conditions apply)

✓Half-year warranty

✓ Direct delivery (within 3 days)

Bulb type: LED


Packing size: 180mm*180mm*300mm

Accessories: One power cord, two 3M glue, Two wall mounts, two bird lights, two egg lights, wireless charging base, wooden strips

                                                                   Product certification: CE, ETL, FCC, RoHS


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Jan Yeung


Rahael Chow

幾得意嘅燈 點一點就著燈幾有玩味阿仔好鍾意