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RD Infinity Tech

All-round 360°portable ultraviolet aromatherapy air purifier (UX-1)-with HEPA filter, UVC system

All-round 360°portable ultraviolet aromatherapy air purifier (UX-1)-with HEPA filter, UVC system

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 [Protect respiratory health and remove 99.9% of pollutants]

3 in 1: UV, HEPA filter, aroma diffuser

RD Infinity Tech Air Purifier (UX-1) Use a full-effect HEPA carbon filter with multiple professional filtration procedures to efficiently filter 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and PM2.5, and remove formaldehyde, nicotine, and harmful substances down to 0.3μm.  Including H1N1, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, etc., it can improve nasal sensitivity! It is also equipped with authoritative ultraviolet UVC sterilization technology to purify pollutants. It is also equipped with aromatherapy function, simple operation with one-button switch. Designed and manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturers. It can be used anywhere (car, home, office). It also contains USB for mobile phone chargers. Bring it to any place, make life infinitely fresh, and bring infinite sense of security.

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Feature 1: Ultraviolet authoritative UVC sterilization technology

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Feature 2H13High-efficiencyHEPAFilter

The three-layer filter element integrates an H13-level high-efficiency dust removal filter, and the 360° barrel-shaped filter element surrounds the three-dimensional air intake to ensure sufficient air intake, while efficiently filtering particles in the air and quickly removing dust and smoke. 
*It is recommended to replace it every six months to ensure the best purification effect

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統
全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Features3: Optional aromatherapy

The bottom of the machine is equipped with aromatherapy cotton, allowing users to add their favorite perfume or essential oil freely. Depending on the amount or concentration of addition, the release of the fragrance lasts differently. The user can also drop perfume or essential oil into the humidifying hole to quickly diffuse the fragrance through water molecules.

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統
全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Features4: Low noise and quiet design

Feature 5: Robust and anti-fingerprint

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Feature 6:Charge other electronic devices

USBThe output charging function allows the device to purify the air while also supplying mobile phones,iPadOr other electronic equipment charging, purification and charging are both correct.

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Effective range: <15 m3

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

certified product

全方位便攜式紫外線香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) - 連HEPA濾網、UVC系統

*Can be equipped with car charger / USB / portable battery power supply

**HEPA filter is recommended to be replaced once every six months

✓ Free return and exchange within 14 days (conditions apply)

✓1 year warranty

✓Delivered directly to your door / SF Express Free shipping (within ~3 days)

  • Voltage (V): 5
  • Size (cm):Height 17.2 cm, Diameter (diameter) 6.7 cm
  • Input power: DC 5V 1A
  • Output power: 5V 1A
  • Effective space: <15 cubic meters
  • Wind speed: 1.5m/s, 2.4m/s
  • Air volume: 5.08CFM / 8.58CFM
  • Noise: <30dB



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Customer Reviews

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Toby Chan

紫外線UVC香薰空氣淨化器(UX-1) | HEPA濾網、UVC系統

Gerald T
Very nice product.

The machine was just what I wanted. It arrived fast and was well packaged. I highly recommend this company and its products. I will order again if I need anything! Thanks!




The size is a good fit for the car, a nice gift for teammates or friends~

Lo Kai Fong