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All-round 360°Desktop Ultraviolet UVC Air Purifier (UV-1)

All-round 360°Desktop Ultraviolet UVC Air Purifier (UV-1)

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3 in 1: UVC ultraviolet rays, H13 grade HEPA filter, PM 2.5 real-time detection (developed by Japanese SHARP)

360° Air Purifier (UV-1) Use a full-effect HEPA carbon filter with multiple professional filtration procedures to efficiently filter 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and PM2.5, and remove formaldehyde, nicotine, and harmful substances down to 0.3μm.  Including H1N1, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, etc., it can improve nasal sensitivity! It is also equipped with PM 2.5 detection and authoritative UVC sterilization technology to purify pollutants. Can be used anywhere (home, office). Bring it to any place, make life infinitely fresh and bring an infinite sense of security.

全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (EH-1) | 高效顆粒空氣過濾 (HEPA) 、紫外線技術 (UV-C) 、PM 2.5實時檢測 - RD Infinity Tech

Feature 1: Ultraviolet authoritative UVC sterilization technology

全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (UV-1) | HEPA濾網、PM 2.5實時檢測 - RD Infinity Tech

Feature 2H13High-efficiencyHEPAFilter

The 5-layer filter element integrates a H13 high-efficiency dust removal filter, which surrounds the three-dimensional air intake to ensure that the air intake is sufficient, while the particulate matter in the air can be efficiently filtered, and dust and smoke can be quickly removed. 
*It is recommended to replace it every six months to ensure the best purification effect

全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (EH-1) | 高效顆粒空氣過濾 (HEPA) 、紫外線技術 (UV-C) 、PM 2.5實時檢測 - RD Infinity Tech

Features4: PM 2.5Detect - Four-color light warning

Integrated high sensitivity PM2.5Imported Japanese SHARP R & D sensors to monitor air quality in real time and display air quality values. Different air quality corresponds to different ambient light colors, which is convenient for users to understand and view

特點4: 強勁風扇| 低噪寧靜設計
全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (EH-1) | 高效顆粒空氣過濾 (HEPA) 、紫外線技術 (UV-C) 、PM 2.5實時檢測 - RD Infinity Tech全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (EH-1) | HEPA濾網、PM 2.5實時檢測、UVC技術 - RD Infinity Tech
全方位紫外線UVC空氣淨化器 (EH-1) | 高效顆粒空氣過濾 (HEPA) 、紫外線技術 (UV-C) 、PM 2.5實時檢測 - RD Infinity Tech
certified product

**HEPA filter replacement is recommended every six months (~600 hours)

✓ Free return and exchange within 14 days (conditions apply)

✓1 year warranty

✓Delivered directly to your door / SF Express Free shipping (~2-3 days)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mr Lui

好快送到貨,PM 2.5檢測功能都有用。

Davis Kwan

I bought it twice.For me,it is a pretty awesome air purifier in this price range.

Wai Yip Fung


Kenny Tai


S. Johnson
Cool function

The purifier is good, with minimalist design, excellent purifier performance and real-time air quality detection function. Hence, thanks for the fast delivery in Hong Kong!