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Smart cat and dog pet products recommendation | Pet feeder water dispenser product introduction - RD Infinity Tech

PAPIFEED is a European brand of smart pet supplies, specializing in the design of various smart pet products to meet the needs of pets and pet owners, and to improve the health of pets and the convenience of pet care. The simple design easily complements the home design, and it is easy to set up and assemble and operate without difficulty. It is highly recommended to keep cats and dogs pets.


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PAPIFEED pet smart water dispenser (visible water level + filtered water)

Working for a long time, the house and the enterprise have no help to add water? Urban people do not remember to feed their dear pets with water during their busy lives, in order to maintain sufficient water content in the cats and dogs, and help improve various physical functions. PAPIFEED-Pet smart water dispenser, Ingenious water flow structure design, automatic 24-hour water supply, three-layer filtration to ensure safe and clean water quality. Unlike other drinking fountains, the water column design ensures low noise and moderate water flow, meeting pets' daily drinking water needs and cooperating with the owner's work needs. Three types of water outlet systems are free to choose from, flower fountains, round fountains, and micro fountains are provided, and you can choose according to your pet's preferences.
 PAPIFEED 寵物智能飲水機、智能寵物用品- RD Infinity Tech PAPIFEED 寵物智能飲水機、智能寵物用品- RD Infinity Tech
 PAPIFEED 寵物智能飲水機、智能寵物用品- RD Infinity Tech

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