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Gift Selection And Recommendation in Hong Kong| Suitable for different festivals and objects - RD Infinity

"What is a good gift for a birthday? What kind of gift is a good gift for festivals? What exquisite gifts are there to recommend?"

Birthdays and different annual festivals are the best time to express your feelings. Choosing the right gift can increase mutual affection, but it can be troublesome if you can't choose a right gift.

This article has carefully selected 6 gifts for everyone. The types of gifts include decorations, rose products, multifunctional table lamps, car air purifiers, smart pet supplies, solar chargers..., and will introduce them to everyone. !

The following gift list will be classified according to the object, providing prices and shopping links, which can help you find the right gift! Not much to say, hurry up and see what gifts you have~

Featured gift recommendation
送禮精選 | 精選禮物推薦
1. Gifts for the beloved

送禮精選 | 手工製永久玫瑰花熊連禮盒心意卡- RD Infinity Tech
25cm - HKD$385
40cm - HKD$540
40cm with heart - HKD$565
The bear made of permanent roses are especially romantic for the beloved~~~
送禮精選 | 手工製永久玫瑰花熊連禮盒心意卡- RD Infinity Tech
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2. Gifts for children送禮精選 | 手工製永久玫瑰花熊連禮盒心意卡- RD Infinity Tech

Three-color dream moon light


3D printing technology: printing layer by layer to restore the true appearance of the moon
Safety and environmental protection: PLA material extracted from corn stalks is hard, smooth, non-toxic and tasteless
Warm and soft LED lights: touch to switch colors
三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech
You can hold it in your hand / use a wood fixture to place it wherever you like
三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech
三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech
三色夢幻月球燈 (15cm) - RD Infinity Tech
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3. Gifts for those who drive


All-round 360°portable ultraviolet aromatherapy air purifier (UX-1)

3 in 1: UV, HEPA filter, aroma diffuser

RD Infinity Tech Air Purifier (UX-1) uses a full-effect HEPA carbon filter with multiple professional filtration procedures to efficiently filter 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and PM2.5, remove formaldehyde, nicotine, and harmful substances down to 0.3μm including H1N1 , Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, etc., can improve nasal sensitivity! It is also equipped with ultraviolet authority-level UVC sterilization technology to purify pollutants. It is also equipped with aromatherapy function, simple operation with one-button switch. Designed and manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturers. It can be used anywhere (car, home, office). It also contains USB for mobile phone chargers. Bring it to any place, make life infinitely fresh, and bring infinite sense of security.

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4. Gifts for pet owners

送禮精選 | PAPIFEED 貓狗寵物智能飲水機 - RD Infinity Tech

PAPIFEED Pet Smart Drinking Fountain (Visible Water Level + Water Filter) | Send Cleaning Tools


PAPIFEED-is a European brand of smart pet supplies, smart drinking fountains for cats and dogs, sophisticated water flow structure design, automatic 24-hour water supply, three-layer filtration to ensure safe and clean water quality. Unlike other drinking fountains, the water column design ensures low noise and moderate water flow, meeting pets' daily drinking needs and cooperating with the owner's work needs.

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5. Gifts for people who move to a new house

送禮精選 | 四合一多功能圓形木紋樹燈 - Round Tree of Light | RD Infinity Tech

4 in 1 Multifunctional Round Wood Grain Tree Light - Round Tree of Light


Elegance and simplicity light up the light of the tree-Round Light of Tree without affecting practicality.

Round wood grain tree lamp function:
1. QI wireless phone charger
2. Dual Bluetooth wide-range speakers
3. Electronic time display
4. Sleep mode
5. Touch control & brightness adjustment
All complex functions are simplified to touch operation, making your life easy and infinitely comfortable.
四合一多功能圓形木紋樹燈 - Round Tree of Light | RD Infinity Tech

四合一多功能圓形木紋樹燈 - Round Tree of Light | RD Infinity Tech

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6. Gifts for those who like outdoor activities and camping

送禮精選 | RD太陽能充電器 | 行動電源 |流動應急電源 | LED照明燈 | QI無線充電 - RD Infinity Tech

RD solar power bank | Portable charger | emergency power | LED lighting | QI wireless charging

10000mAh - $338
20000mAh - $408

RD solar charger provides 10000mAh (light version) and 20000mAh (extra-large battery version). Equipped with solar charging board, plug-in charging or solar charging, wireless charging, charging up to four mobile phones at the same time, and LED lighting. The high-efficiency IP65 waterproof, dust-proof and anti-collision design is suitable for all harsh environments, the best mobile power choice for camping, tourism and outdoor activities.

RD太陽能充電器 | 行動電源 |流動應急電源 | LED照明燈 | QI無線充電 - RD Infinity Tech

RD太陽能充電器 | 行動電源 |流動應急電源 | LED照明燈 | QI無線充電 - RD Infinity Tech

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The above is the recommended gift selection for everyone, I hope it will help you find a suitable gift!

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